Rhinoceros Beetles: Harmless To People But Devastating To Some Crops

Over 1500 species and 225 genera of rhinoceros beetles are recognized. Interestingly, most of its life is spent in the larval stage . Adult rhinoceros beetles might only reside for one more 6 months. The feminine will usually die shortly after reproducing. Rhinoceros beetles are in style pets as they're easy to take care of and protected to handle.

These beetles are drawn to lights, which is where this one was originally captured. Distribution of Oryctes rhinoceros, primarily based on https://youtu.be/5_BBPkXvOgA revealed distribution records. Image by Mike Dornberg, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry.

However, A big African elephant can only carry as much as 25% of its personal weight on its again and as the Rhino Beetle can carry 850 occasions their very own weight, there is not any contest. That would be like an elephant carrying 850 elephants on its again. Some people select to have rhinoceros beetles as pets as a end result of they're clear, quiet, and relatively low-maintenance. And, as a end result of they do not chew, they are safe to handle. Yes, some species of rhino beetles are pests as a outcome of they attack wholesome bushes in large swarms. Leaf litter, plants, and fallen logs present a safe hideout for rhinoceros beetles in the course of the day.

From lino slicing to browsing to children’s mental well being, their hobbies and pursuits vary far and wide. They are keen about turning your on a daily basis moments into reminiscences and bringing you inspiring ideas to have enjoyable with your liked ones. Some individuals really can't stand the thought of these beetles.


Oryctes rhinoceros larvae are milky white with red heads. The physique is C-shaped, has three pairs of segmented legs, and is grayish posteriorly. Over the course of three instars, or phases between molts, they grow to 4.zero inches long (10.0 cm). The feeding habits of the adult beetles are not well-known, but they have been observed to eat rotten fruit and the bark of ash bushes. Entomologists estimate there are over 300 species of beetles worldwide which are considered rhinoceros beetles.

The fourth video exhibits parasitic nematodes and the harm they cause internally to the egg. Male Japanese rhinoceros beetles battle to dominate sap sites. Males use their horns to pry rival males off the world, which additionally could give them the prospect to mate with a feminine. In this and different species that defend mating websites, larger males with bigger horns mate more incessantly, as they win extra contests.

However, this is not the case with most species of rhinoceros beetles due to their lower population density. Also, they like to feed on dying and decaying timber. Feeding on rotting wooden is definitely helpful to the ecosystem.

These beetles are naturally found in rain forests, whether they are within the mountains or in the lowlands. The huge grubs of these rhinoceros-type beetles stay within the rotting wood that they eat, whereas the adults cover underneath leaf litter and inside logs. Adults are a significant pest of Cocos nucifera and Elaeis guineensis (Giblin-Davis 2001) but are a minor pest of many different palms and plant species. By feeding on healthy leaves, Oryctes rhinoceros causes physical damage, which may stunt progress and lead to secondary infections from micro organism or fungi .